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SMR Performance Consulting is a performance psychology and mental health training company that focuses on optimal performance and mental wellness in any arena. SMR, Sensory Motor Rhythm, is an electrical rhythm in the brain associated with a state of controlled calm and has been identified in elite performers moments prior to exceptional performance. Increasing SMR activity has been found to reduce errors, improve reaction time, and enhance attentional focus, all necessary for peak performance. SMR Performance Consulting can help clients attain and sustain peak performance and resiliency through our dynamic and tailored training programs that enhance SMR activity and develop the mental toughness needed to succeed in any environment, despite any challenges faced. Whether on a playing field, in a board room, or patrolling the streets, it is imperative to perform at your best when it matters most and SMR Performance Consulting can help make that happen.


SMR Approach

Optimal performance begins with an optimal state of mind and SMR Performance focuses on the mental component of performance by leading clients toward achieving a more tough, agile, and resilient mindset. The SMR approach targets the two fundamental building blocks of peak performance, self-awareness and self-regulation. Through in-depth assessment and education, clients achieve greater insight into how their mind and body work together influencing their mental, emotional, and physiological state at any given moment. Through key mental skills and biofeedback training, clients then learn and master the ability to regulate thoughts, emotions, and physiological factors on command in order to perform at their best when it matters most.  


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