ARMOR Program

Achieve Optimal Regulation for Optimal Performance with ARMOR



SMR Performance’s Acquired Resilience for Mastering Operational Response program has been developed using psychological skills training and key stress regulation techniques targeting improved performance and the reduction of long term cumulative PTSD. The foundation of the program focuses on self-awareness, teaching and training police officers the skills necessary to be more aware of their minds and bodies at any given moment in order to perform optimally in any situation they are in. Further, the ARMOR program includes evidence-based strategies aimed at helping officers regulate stressors throughout their careers, enhancing overall mental health and well-being. 

Psychological skills training capitalizes on the body’s signals and thought processes to enable individuals to better assess, manage, and master their performance. By combining in-demand skills and competencies with measurable outcomes, ARMOR training develops police officers’ mental strength needed to succeed in any challenging environment. Current law enforcement training provides officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform job specific requirements in the communities they serve. However, there are greater stressors faced by officers today requiring a more adaptive and agile mindset. Agencies need police officers capable of handling high pressure situations and an ever-changing level of threat, all while ensuring the safety and well-being of themselves and those they are protecting. These circumstances demand an ability to think clearly, focus attention on the right details, and remain calm to ensure call success.

ARMOR works in conjunction with technical/tactical training by teaching officers how to control their mind and body during critical situations. With the proper tools and the mastery of skills, overall performance will be enhanced, officers will have better self-awareness during calls, and will gain the ability to self-regulate following calls decreasing the likelihood of chronic health issues and cumulative PTSD. When the demands of stress outweigh one’s coping resources, repeated trauma on the psyche occurs. ARMOR targets this by including stress regulation techniques, biofeedback and mindfulness training, allowing officers to develop a more resilient mindset and the ability to have a long and healthy career in law enforcement.


Peak Performance Training increases the ability to meet growing demands faced by identifying the appropriate physiological, emotional, and cognitive responses and serving as a preventative measure for long term mental health. Addressing these human factor demands early on improves job performance, increases resilience, and allows officers the opportunity to meet the demands of their jobs and sustain high performance throughout their careers. A variety of tools and skills are utilized to achieve optimal performance and overall well-being including:


Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation

Biofeedback and Coherence Training 

Mental Agility

Stress Regulation (Mindfulness and Resiliency) 

Enhanced Attention 

Visualization and Simulation Training

Potential Deliverables

·Improve job performance

·Focus and concentrate with sharpness amongst distractions

·Quickly assess critical moments and effectively direct attention

·Sharpen memory and analytical ability

·Reduce human error and accidents

·Listen and communicate more effectively at work and at home

·Learn to achieve an optimal state of activation depending on the situation

·Realize a heightened level of self-awareness 

·Self-Regulate more effectively and efficiently on command in order to achieve maximum performance and sustain it

·Be more resilient in high stress and high-pressure situations over longer periods of time, improve response to critical incidents

·Reduce anger and frustration, regulate emotions 

·Make better instinctive and intuitive decisions, improve reaction speed and accuracy

·Learn to regulate stress on command, decrease the potential for “reacting” and rely more on “acting” 

·Enhance overall physical, mental and emotional wellness

·Sleep with more ease and achieve a better work-life balance

·Reduce resting heart rate and improve Bp, enhance immune function and injury recovery

·Reduce the likelihood of cumulative PTSD